Sunday, July 11, 2010

Marley & Me

I would like to introduce you to Marley. Two weeks ago today we saw this little boy lost in the middle of a busy road. I nicely but forcefully asked my dad to pull over so I could check on this shabby looking dog. I jumped out the door and ran up to him but when I got a little closer I slowed down thinking I might scare him if I come up on him too quick. He turned and looked at me and I said, "Come here, sweetie." This dog didn't even hesitate but ran straight into my arms. I picked him up despite his massive fleas, horrible smell, and long gross hair. I picked him up but he was so skinny that I didn't even feel like I was holding a dog. I started asking around to see if anyone owned him. Unfortunately, I found the owner and he took this poor puppy and put him in a small cage outside with no food and water after receiving a big whippin.

It broke my heart to leave him there, but my dad and Mr. G both said there is nothing you can do since he has an owner. My mom and I, however, were thinking differently. Where there is a will, there is a way. The next day we all went over and asked this family if they would be willing to let me have their dog because I had fallin in love with him. They thought about it and called me a couple hours later and said that I could have him. The lady explained that they had to keep him outside because the two attack dogs inside the house would kill him. My mom believes it was a God thing that we got Marley, and truthfully, I think it was too. God doesn't want anyone or any animal to be abused, and maybe he knew how much joy I would get out of saving this little boy.

As soon as we got home he went straight for the food and ate and ate and ate and ate. I have had him 2 weeks and he has already gained a pound. Then it was time to give him a bath and a haircut. I use the clippers on Mickey and it works well, but Marley was terrified of the clippers. If I came anywhere close to him he would act like he was dying. So I had to use scissors and it was a mess, but despite some really long stands of hair here and there it turned out pretty good.

I had just done laundry and folded all the clothes but before I could put the laundry basket up Marley jumped in and made himself comfortable. Doesn't he look happy?

He has the prettiest eyes and very similar markings to his new big brother Mickey. Marley is only 9 months old, and after a check up with the vet we found that Marley is healthy despite being a little underweight. He will be getting fixed sometime next week and I think Mickey is excited about that. Mickey always gives me a look like, "Save me, mom," every time Marley starts humping him. Poor guy. This was one evening before we went to bed. Me and my boys just lounging. Life is good. Marley likes to get us in my face, put both paws on my face while he gives me lots of kisses. He also likes to brush my hair with his fingernails. He will run his nails through my hair over and over again. It is so funny.Now this is my youngest niece and she went through a whole lot in order to meet Marley for the first time. Her and her sister love Mickey and they were dying to meet Marley. Well, this little girl got in trouble one night for cutting her hair and her punishment was, of course, getting her hair cut, which she hates doing. Once she got to the hair place I guess she was being a bit stubborn so her mom said that if she gets her hair cut then she can go to Aunt RoRo's (Mrs. G) and see Marley. It worked like a charm. Now in this picture she is holding Mickey. Doesn't Mickey look like he is having so much fun.

Here is my oldest niece with little Marley. He was pretty light so she had no trouble holding him. Both girls fell absolutely in love with the little boy, but they did have a little trouble telling Mickey and Marley apart.

Can you tell which on is which? I don't know about you but I can't help and smile every time I see this picture.

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