Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wallpaper Nightmare

This is our country kitchen and it is not being left out in our fun filled renovation. All of that wall paper had to go as well as in both bathrooms. Call me crazy but I really thought taking out a wall in our house would be harder than pulling off wallpaper. Honestly, it wasn't taking the wallpaper off that was bad, it was what we found under the wallpaper.
Apparently when this house was built they never planned to paint the kitchen or either bathroom. Once the wallpaper was gone we found that fact out. First thing was all the goop left over. Lots and lots of goop that was 40 years old. We could not get it off ourselves so we had to paint all the rooms with a primer. Mr. G and dad had a blast with that. They complained for a couple days of being light headed from all the paint fumes, but that has eventually subsided. After that was completed we noticed that the wall had lots of dips and grooves.. They hadn't even tried to make the wall smooth when they built it. We had to bring the guy back in who patched up our ceiling to patch up all the walls that had wallpapered originally. It took him 3 days, but the work is done and we are finally ready to paint.

This is our lovely main bathroom without our wallpaper. I forgot to get the before shot, but you can see what kind of mess we are living in. Hopefully soon it all will be complete and we can rest comfortably in our home.

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