Friday, July 16, 2010

Last Night in Naples...2:30am

The last night in Naples what we needed more than anything was rest. We knew that we had an 18 hour drive ahead of us the next day and rest the night before would help us be more awake and alert while we drive. We made sure that we went to bed early and we planned on sleeping in that next morning. What we had not planned on was this unexpected wake up call at 2:30 in the morning.

We were both in bed when the siren went off but neither of us moved until the man's voice loudly stated "This is an emergency. Please make your way down the stairs to your assigned front gate. This is an emergency."
There were no words spoken from either of us as we climbed out of bed, slipped on our sandals, and walked down the stairs to what we guessed was our assigned gate. It was as if we had done this a million times and it was not worth talking about. A few minutes later we started talking about the situation. First of all the sirens were still going off, people were coming out of the condo from all corners, and no firetrucks were anywhere around.
At this point I started noticing something. Rich people wear weird things to bed. I watched as men came down in freshly pressed khaki pants and a nice polo. I saw a women come down with her dog which had on its superman pajamas. The real kicker was the woman who came down in her spandex biker shorts and long sleeve spandex workout shirt. I figure this meant one of three things...1.)She dresses the night before for her workouts the next morning 2.)It was the closest thing to her bed so she just threw it on 3.) Or she sleeps in tight fitting clothes to help her keep her tight toned body. I don't know which one it was, but it was a site to see. Looking back on it now I realize that people were probably thinking some weird thoughts about me too. I was definitely the only one in sweat pants and a sweat shirt. Just because its Naples doesn't mean it doesn't sometimes get cold.
Finally, the fireman came and we all were sent back to our rooms after we were told it was a false alarm. What an eventful evening.

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