Friday, July 16, 2010

Naples Condo

As we turned to leave the condo we thought it would be best to take pictures of the place for memories sake and so our family and friends can see where we have been for the last week. So, I will give you the grand tour.Opening the big door to the condo you see a short hallway that turns to the left and to the right. If you go to the left you will see this formal sitting room. We never actually sat in there because we aren't very formal people. But it did look pretty.
Down the hallway off of the formal sitting room is two bedrooms. So we will call this bedroom #1 and....

...This is bedroom #2.

This is the bathroom that sits right next to bedrooms 1 & 2. I did actually use this bathroom once...just cuz I could. There was also a 1/2 bath near the formal sitting room but it was really hard trying to take its picture because it was so small. So I skipped it, but you can imagine what it might look like.

Here was our luxurious kitchen. I am just now noticing the dishwasher that would've been handy after our morning pancakes. Oh well...Mr. G and I enjoyed washing the dishes together anyway. I wash...he is a wonderful and actually romantic system.

Here is our living room and there is a dining room table just to the left of this picture. We spent lots of time on the couch watching t.v., blogging, or reading in the evenings. It was nice because for the last month our house back in Illinois has been under renovation so having a finished living room felt really nice.

Here is the master bedroom. We didn't do the best job making the bed but there is a maid coming in later so I am sure she can fix our messy covers.

Here is the master bath. There is also a very large shower to the right but I couldn't get that in the shot. I also left out the toilet because everyone knows what a toilet looks like. But the toilet did have a room to itself which is nice at times.

This is our large walk in closet. Well, it probably isn't large but it is much bigger than Mr. G and I are used to. It felt like a whole other room.

This is the screened in back porch that walks out onto our deck that over looks the bay. We used this area to hang our wet swimming suits and towels over night to dry. It worked out pretty well.

This is the same screened in porch and deck but looking the other direction. If you were to turn the corner in the screened in porch you will find a door that leads to the master bedroom.

And this shot was taken from where the screened in porch is. It looks back to the living room dining room and through the kitchen.
This was our home for the last week and we were both a little sad to see it go. But it is time to head back home. We got word that our house is being painted today so that gives us motivation for the long journey ahead of us. We can't wait to be home.

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