Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cooling Off

Every morning (just about) Baby G and I go for a walk. He usually gets up anywhere from 5:30-7:30 just depending on how he did through out the night. Even though he may wake up really around 5:00 he will usually lay there and talk to himself for awhile. Then when I hear the first cry I hurry to pick him up and we set off on our daily routine. We start with a diaper change which is usually the time I get the most smiles out of Baby G. He must be a morning person. Then we will play for a while until he is ready to eat. After his breakfast I will usually give him about 20 minutes to just sit and cuddly with me so that he can digest all that he has just eaten then we take off for our morning walk. It is Baby G, Marley, and me and it is quite a site to watch us trying to make our way up and down our streets....but we make do.
Today we got out to walk before 7am but it was still very humid. By the time we were done we both were warm so I undressed Baby G down to his diaper and laid him down on a palet on the floor under our ceiling fan. He absolutely loved it. I got a video of him laying there playing with his monkey. You will notice in the video that it is driving Marley crazy that he can't get his hands on the monkey....but Baby G is loving it.
Baby G starts off a bit camera shy but eventually warms up.


After this Baby G laid down for a nap so he could be rested up to eat his next meal around 9:30. I absolutely love our mornings together!!! And by the look of his face I think Baby G does too.'s 9:25 and it looks like Baby G is ready to eat....Gotta Go!!!!

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