Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Full of Family

Friday we had my family over and Saturday we had Mr. G's family over (except for his parents - they were vacationing in Sarasota, FL).

Friday was also special because it was Baby G's first time in a swimming pool. He looked absolutely adorable in his swimsuit.

He was so excited that he could hardly contain himself.

Actually, it seemed like he could care less...
Unfortunately, the sun made it hard to see these pictures. Baby G seemed to love the water, in fact he probably could've fallen asleep in there. Granted, it felt like 120 degrees outside and the water was like bath water.

Afterwords we got a picture of all of mom & dad's grandchildren.

The 1 year old had just switched from his swimsuit to his diaper and he was enjoying walking around just in his diaper singing the Happy Birthday song. The girls were waiting for dinner to get over so they could get back in the pool. You can tell by their red cheeks that they love the pool.
Then Saturday rolled around and we had Mr. G's sister's family over. They are the ones who had a lil boy just 8 weeks before us.

His aunt absolutely loves holding him. It is neat to see him developing and knowing that Baby G will be doing that soon.

He has big gorgeous eyes just like his Mama.

Here he is with his daddy. That is one proud dad.
Unfortunately, this lil guy has been battling acid reflex and colic and it has made for an unhappy baby.

This was him last time he was over at our house. Fortunately, the doctors have figured out a good medicine for him and he is doing much better.

Now he is a happy lil boy.

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