Friday, July 1, 2011

Amazing Grace

I have to tell you two stories that show God's mercy and grace in full effect.
Story #1
It started right after Baby G was born and we took him for his 1 week appointment with the doctor. After the appointment we found out that our doctor and pretty much all the doctors in our area would not accept "All Kids" insurance, which is what we were applying for since I resigned from my job to be a stay at home mom. This meant we needed new insurance but we knew we couldn't afford much, so after the appointment Mr. G and I prayed. We then decided to ask Mr. G's boss for advice. As soon as Mr. G told his boss the situation his boss, without hesitation, decided to provide insurance for me and Baby G....a blessing straight from God.
His job sent the required information off to the insurance company but it was a few days after the deadline for the insurance to take affect in July. As a result it would not start till August leaving Baby G without insurance for a whole month, a scary thing in this day and age. Well, we found out yesterday that the insurance company is going to grant us insurance starting in July despite when we turned it in....a blessing straight from God.
So yesterday was Baby G's last day without insurance. If we could make it through the day without any major problems then we would be good to go. Well, God had to save the day twice in order for that to happen.
Story #2
First, Baby G and I were driving to my mom and dad's house in town, and I was about to turn at the busiest intersection in town when my car ran out of gas. Let me clarify that my gas gauge doesn't work and really hasn't worked since about a month after we got the car. Anyway, I ran out of gas and, of course, when that happens you not only can't drive anywhere you also don't get any air conditioning. It was about 2:30 in the afternoon when Baby G and I got stranded and according to my car thermometer it was 95 degrees. It took me a couple minutes to realize that it was getting really hot in the car and then I turned and looked at Baby G and his face was starting to turn red. Mr. G and my dad were both on their way after I told them on the phone I needed help. I kept assuming that some one would stop and help me. Maybe they could push my car out of the road, but no one came. They all honked their horn in frustration and then drove on by. Unfortunately, I am not one of those women who handle situations like this in a cool, calm, and collective manner. I was crying my eyes out and repeatedly saying, "Why won't anyone help us?" I called Mr. G and told him that he needed to hurry because it was too hot for Baby G. I kept watching my son get more and more red and start sweating. Finally, Mr. G got there and he grabbed Baby G and took him into his air conditioned truck parked not too far away. I then saw a cop driving by so I flagged him down. Unfortunately, because I had backed traffic up he was unable to get to me. FINALLY, a 75 year old man got out of his car and asked if he could push me out of the way. I said, "Yes, and thank you so much." This poor old man pushed me probably 50 yards out of the way. He asked if I had anyone coming to help me and I told that I did and I repeatedly thanked the man again. Then that sweet man limped back to his car. My dad and the cop pulled up not long after that and helped. I took Mr. G's truck and Baby G back to my mom and dad's house and I just cried. Baby G's clothes were soaked from sweat and all he wanted to do was lay flat on his back and cool off. Somehow through all of that we did not get hit by a car and Baby G did not get sick from being over heated....a blessing straight from God.
I just found out this morning that Mr. G was telling one of his clients at work about what had happened to us and how nobody would help us. It frustrated the client so much that he has decided to pay for our car's gas gauge to be fixed. Mr. G told him that he didn't have to do that, but the sweet man insisted....a blessing straight from God.
Then later last night when I was driving home with Baby G we had another close call. We were turning onto our street and about that time I started hearing screeching tires behind me. They were so loud that even Mr. G could hear it and he was at our house, a quarter of a mile away. I continued turning onto our road, then I looked back to see the car that was right behind me drive on, but the car that was behind it had swerved to the left then back to the right trying to miss the car in front of it. They went air born into the ditch right next to us and then fish-tailed back onto the road. Somehow we did not get hit....a blessing straight from God.
Through it all we made it home safely, but I fully believe the only reason we did was because God was watching out for us. Without Him, Baby G could've been seriously hurt in an accident or worse.
Thank you, Lord, for giving us safety yesterday when we did not deserve it. You are amazing and having amazing grace.

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