Monday, July 25, 2011

Monkey & Me

It just happened. I had no idea introducing the two of them would bring a lifelong friendship. It was one evening when Mr. G and I had just finished up eating supper when I got out Baby G's bin of toys. We played with a few toys that didn't seem to interest Baby G too much, then I pulled out the monkey. It wasn't love at first sight. definitely took Baby G a long time to look him over but then he started running his fingers through the monkey's fur. After a few minutes of this I thought it would be good to bring out a different toy....maybe one that made noise or sparkled, but as soon as I took monkey away Baby G screamed. Let me verify that Baby G rarely screams so this caught me off guard. I quickly brought the monkey back and Baby G smiled and continued feeling his fur.
Now Monkey goes with us everywhere and if you are ever wanting to make Baby G smile just pull out Monkey.
They even enjoy sleeping together.
Best Buds!

Unfortunately, again Marley is jealous. He will often try to take Monkey away from Baby G when we aren't looking. Maybe someday they all can be friends.

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