Thursday, July 14, 2011

Picture or Video???

Have you ever been put in the awkward situation where you thought someone was taking a picture of you and they were actually taking a video instead. It happened once to Mr. G and I on our honeymoon when we were out swimming with sting rays. One of the workers was holding what we thought was a water camera and she told us to look in her direction. So we stood together and smiled. After about 5 seconds she had to tell us that it was a video and to act normal. I could show you that video but instead I am going to show you my brother when he got caught in the same situation.
I had just taken his picture holding Baby G because they both looked so uncomfortable...especially Baby G.
Then I decided to take a video of them but forgot to inform my brother of this. Of course, he handles it with class because his fiance is sitting right there.

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