Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dinner, Hair, Happy Birthday, Baseball, Goggles & more

Why did God create family. I think it is because He knew that it is not good for man to be alone and that family will bring you happiness, encouragement, & support. My family is no different, but I also have to add that my family is fun... and last night was no different.
We started the evening with an amazing summer meal. My brother and dad grilled steak, chicken, and talapia then we had garden green beans with red potatoes, garden tomatoes, fresh fruit, homemade ice cream, and more. Then after dinner the make overs started.
The lil girls decided to do Gampa and Mr. G's hair and I personally think it turned out great.
This lil one was really proud of her work. The best part is she told Mr. G that he was not allowed to take it off. I don't think he listened.
Then came Gampa's turn.

Boy oh boy...she sure is hard at work....
And it turned out PERFECT. I don't think she could've captured Gampa's personality any better.
This actually brings back memories because 20 years ago or so that was me doing my dad's hair. Where does the time go?
During all this my nephew was walking around singing the "Happy Birthday Song." I finally was able to get a bit of it on video along with his baseball swing. Unfortunately, Rudy the dog, gets whacked....but he gets some lovin' from Nana and is okay.

After his baseball practice my nephew hung out with his Nana.
She couldn't help but hug the future prodigy.This is my sister-in-law rocking Baby G. He was asleep most of the evening, but it won't be long before he is up playing ball with my nephew. Speaking of nephew...
How do you like his shades?
Finally, we ended with some basketball drills. One of my niece's even wore the basketball goggles while she dribbled to help her not look down. Pretty impressive and pretty cute.
The oldest one gave me an action shot of her dribbling with her little bro following close behind hoping he can get the ball when she is done.

All in all it was very fun night full of lots of memories.

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