Monday, July 18, 2011

Marley & Baby G

I am sure that there are many of you who are wondering how Marley is doing. Well, it has been a long, hard road for Marley, but I believe he has adjusted quite nicely.
Marley actually was my only sign that I was about to go into labor...if only I had noticed it then. For two days before my labor started Marley started acting really strange. He was constantly wanting to sit next to me (more than usual) and he did not like it if Mr. G came near me or him. He would actually growl and snap at Mr. G. At the time we thought that Marley was acting really strange, but then a few days later I went into labor and I truly believe that Marley had a sense that was going to happen.
Then the morning that I was in labor Marley became even more protective of me. He had to be laying on top of me, especially during contractions. He was even trying to lay on my head at times. It was a really nice gesture, but not the thing I was wanting at the time. Then when Mr. G and I took the drive to my mom and dads to drop Marley off we forced him to sit in the back seat so I could concentrate a little better. He laid there and literally just stared at me. Amazing enough, this dog knew what was going on and it was really bothering him.
The three days that we were gone from Marley because we were in the hospital having Baby G, my mom told me that Marley was a wreck. He didn't want to play with the other dogs, which is very unusual, and he even lost his appetite. If I ever questioned whether Marley loved me or not, now I know for sure that he does.
Since Baby G has been home Marley has gone back and forth from being protective of Baby G to jealous. Mr. G and I have been trying our best to still find time to play around with Marley and I will try and pet him as much as possible, but I am sure that he still feels replaced. However, anytime that Baby G is sprawled out either on the bed or the couch, Marley has to be laying right next to him, usually touching him. We have to watch Marley really closely, but he seems to know to be careful. Here is a picture of the two boys sleeping on the couch together.
I really believe that they will be best friends someday.
So for those of you who were worried about Marley you can rest assured that he is doing very well and likes his new baby brother.

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