Sunday, August 22, 2010

Birthday Party

Birthday parties are always a lot of fun but especially when the person having a birthday is only 4 years old. This party had great food, great company, a huge blow up water slide outside, cake, home made ice cream, and one happy little girl. By the way...thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for the wonderful party.Here is niece #1 peeking through the bushes. They had only been out playing on the water slide for about 15 minutes when she found a beetle in the water. Apparently this beetle was pretty mean because it kept her from getting back in the water for a very long time.
Here is the birthday girl. She is getting reading to climb the wall so she can slide down the big slide....can't you just see the excitement written all over her face.

Um.....I know you can't tell....but this is the birthday girl right as she hit the water. It looks a bit more like abstract art though.

This is after the horrible ant episode. Apparently there had been an ant on the birthday girl and she had decided she was not going back in the water. She is a lot like her big sister, except I was able to talk her into going back in after we searched the water and found no more ants.

There she goes again....happy as can be.

This little one, however, decided to make a rock collection, and she was so proud of her rock collection.

This is a much better shot of her going down the slide. At least you can tell it is a person.

It doesn't get any better than this. Thank goodness there were no more ants so the party could go on.

It's hard enough to have your hands up, but to have your hands AND feet up is pretty amazing!!!

Wait....what's this....has she decided to leave her rock pile and put the fear of beetles behind her in order to enjoy the fun on the water slide.....well....I do believe she has. I am so proud of that girl. It's not every day you can master a fear of beetles.

She's enjoying it so much she wants to keep going and going, but unfortunately its time to go inside for cake, ice cream, and presents. I can think of one girl in particular who is excited about those presents.

The birthday girl must always be dressed appropriately for her party. This birthday girl was no different and the only out fit that seemed appropriate to her was her Tu-Tu. I love the pose.

Now, here are two characters you have yet to meet. This is my grandma and grandpa on my dad's side and they are having way too much fun. I simply asked them to pose for the camera, instead grandpa tries to act like he's smacking grandma. I love it when old people flirt...especially when its my grandparents. You can tell grandma is loving every minute of it.

Finally they posed for me but grandpa is still cracking up.

Uh Oh....I caught the birthday girl trying to get a quick taste of that icing. I thought I caught her in time but then I noticed all the smashed icing near where her tongue had been. Oh well, maybe nobody will notice.

One of the best things about having a birthday is the cake and I think this lil one agrees with me.

She did it!!! And the crowd goes wild. She blew out all 4 of her candles!!! Thata girl!!

And now it is presents time. All the kiddos gather around to watch. You can see her proud mama in the background and her big sister who is hoping that her sister will share some of these toys with her.

Here is the present Mr. G and I got her. Its a puppy pillow pet. I had no worries that she would love it since she told me over and over again for the last couple of months that she wanted a puppy pillow pet. That smile is priceless. You will also notice in the picture my brothers, suppose to be white, tennis shoes and the Christmas bag that we used to wrap her present in. Thanks to Mr. G's mom and dad for giving us that bag last Christmas because it came in good use.
Well, I do believe that the birthday party was a success. Mr. G has decided that he wants a similar party for his birthday in October so we will see about renting that water slide and getting the Fancy Nancy birthday cake. FYI....You are all invited.

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