Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cooked Goose

There have been a lot of things going on lately including school starting. I was as ready for school to start as I could be and when the first day finally came I was mentally and emotionally prepared. However, I was not prepared to have someone puke in my classroom the first class of my first day back. I'm sure the poor kid was not comforted by the look on my face. I didn't mean to look so disgusted, that's just what puke does to me. I am going to have to change once I have kids or I will be considered the worst parent in the world. So I was able to recover after the first day and moved on like nothing happened until a couple days later when a teacher knocked on my door and handed me the "Cooked Goose."
I was a bit shocked by this large pretend animal she was giving me but she promised to send me an e-mail as to why I was getting it. Now if you are wondering why it looks like a chicken and not a goose...well...that's because it is actually a goose with a chicken costume on. Creative, huh.
This thing must weigh a good 15 pounds. In this picture you can see the legs of the goose from underneath the chicken costume. I read the e-mail and it turns out our school is going to pass around this goose to the teacher who has had something weird happen to them and since someone puked in my room the first day of school I received the award. And apparently, I needed to find out some weird stuff about my co-workers and then pass the goose on to someone else. So first I thought I would ask the goose what he knew....

But he just looked at me like I was weird.
Then I asked my students and they told me about another special education teacher who had a weird first day of school as well. Turns out the janitors had taken her desk out to a storage shed for a couple days while they cleaned her room. When she opened her drawers the first day of school she found mouse turds and all of her chips and popcorn half eaten. This was perfect, so I gladly walked the cooked goose on over to her room with a smile.
My husband asked me how many times do I think I will received the cooked goose award this year. Apparently he thinks I'm going to be worthy of this dumb award a lot. Gotta love the confidence he has in me. I might just make my own cooked goose and haunt him with it for the rest of the year....mmmmm.....yeah....that sounds like a great idea.

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