Tuesday, August 3, 2010


It was another hot summer day and Mr. G and I decided to go walk around Lowe's for some renovation ideas. We knew there were some things that we are going to need to purchase in the future when the money comes in, so we thought we would go look around. It was going to be like window shopping. But apparently God uses window shopping to bring a blessing into our lives. Sitting out in the aisle was a vanity that was perfect for my bathroom. This fit our country cottage theme exactly. The more looked at this vanity the more I forgot that we didn't have the money to bring it home with us. Mr. G reminded me that maybe it will still be here when we have the money to get it. Just as we were about to walk away a sweet worker from Lowe's says to us, "I will give that vanity to you for $100." And 30 minutes later we were driving home with our new vanity in the back of the truck.

Now, I thought the hard part was done. Finding a deal like this doesn't just happen all the time, but apparently putting a 21st century vanity into a 1970s house brings much more work than anticipated. Here is my dad working with the plumbing on my ex-vanity. He is realizing at this point that those who built this house decided to put the plumbing through the floor instead of through the wall. And wouldn't you know it, our new vanity has a perfect spot for the plumbing to come in through the wall not the floor. Dad's trying to figure out how he is going to do this without messing up the new vanity. Lucky for us...he figured it out.

Bye Bye ex-sink. You were nice to have around the last year, despite the fact that it took you an hour just to drain after I washed my face at night. And despite the fact that you were about 3 inches too short and you had very little storage underneath you. Yes, despite all that, you were very good to me.

WHAT?!?! More wallpaper? I thought we were through with the wallpaper nightmare. It must be a reoccurring nightmare.

Oh, my....I just realized the plunger in the picture....Whoops.
And there she is...my new vanity. She even has a granite counter top. Now this is before the mirror , but isn't she great. I will be proud to show her off, especially since she only cost $100.
Sitting next to it is an old magazine rack that I painted white today and a new rug that we got a couple days ago at the Target in Marion. Hopefully, the vertigo floor will be delivered tomorrow.
Slowly but surely we are putting this house back together again.

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