Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mickey and his girlfriend

There isn't much to say about this video because it speaks for itself. If you are wondering what it is that Mickey is "playing" with it is a large doggie slipper. I had given these slippers to my mom many Christmas's ago but Mickey has gotten much more use out of them than she did. Unfortunately, we had to put the other one to sleep (aka: the trash) because Mickey got a little to rough with her causing a large whole that left the stuffing coming out. It was a hard day for the little guy. But don't feel bad for Mickey because he is still pluggin along with his last remaining girlfriend and is loving every minute of it.
You will probably notice that this video was taken before we put our floors in so you get to see our wonderful sub-floor that we lived on for about a month.
Also in the video you will see Marley chewing on his bone and Mr. G reading his book. Since we have gotten rid of our t.v. reading at night has become a pretty common thing and we both enjoy it very much...but probably not as much as Mickey enjoys his time with is girlfriend.


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