Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yard Sale Masterpiece

I have never been one to buy something old and make it look new again but I thought I would give it a try. At the Hoffman rummage sale last Saturday I saw this corner cabinet for $20. I was amazed at the price and what good shape it was in. I walked around it and stared at it for a while, then I walked away deciding not to get it. Then after a little encouragement from a friend I changed my mind.Since today was my last day of summer I thought I would take some time to paint that old cabinet. I had no idea it would take me all day, but it was definitely worth it in the end and I enjoyed the experience. Here is the upper half of the cabinet and you can see that I had already started priming it. It was hot and sunny out and a perfect day to get a tan while I worked.
Here is the full view of the cabinet. You can also see all the furniture we still have in our garage just waiting to go back inside once everything gets done. When I bought this cabinet originally I had thought I would paint it white but last night I started thinking about painting it yellow. I thought about making a blog to ask you guys your opinion but I didn't want to wait that long. I ended up deciding to use the left over paint from our kitchen and paint it yellow.

I had just got about half way done with the priming when I started to hear thunder. I looked up to find this cloud rolling in. There went my shot at a tan plus I knew I needed to get the cabinet in the garage before it started to rain. So I scooted it in without too much trouble. Fortunately, it didn't rain so I took it back out again when it looked sunny. Apparently storms were scattered through out the area because I kept taking the cabinet in and out of the garage about every hour but it never rained.

I would like to introduce you to Gretta. She is the boxer across the street from us and no she is not dead, just sleeping. Obviously, she wasn't too interested in my cabinet renovation. Gretta is a scaredy cat and won't come near most people but she really enjoys watching Mickey and Marley when they are outside. There was actually a time when Gretta got loose and Mickey saved the day by chasing her back into the garage. It was pretty funny to see a little Shih tzu chasing a boxer.

If any of you were outside today before the storms hit you know that it was very toasty. I had only been out for about an hour when I was dripping with sweat. I thought I would take a picture of my sweaty legs to show you, but you can't really see all the sweat. Oh least you get the point that it was hot.
But after working on this cabinet from about 9-4 with a few breaks and a lunch I finally got it done. Once Mr. G got home we were able to bring it into the house to see how it looked.

Well, it might not be a masterpiece but I will appreciate this cabinet a little more because of the hard work and sweat it took to get her looking like this. The most important thing is it only cost me $20.

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