Monday, August 16, 2010

Marley in the Car

I still remember the first day that I picked up Marley from that awful home...well, I suppose I should remember since it was only 2 months ago. But I remember picking him up and the first thing he did when we got in the car was crawl up behind my back and lay down. He probably would've been more comfortable laying on my lap or on the seat next to me, but he wanted to be pinched between my back and the seat. Even though it was really hard to drive being shoved up against the steering wheel I still enjoyed the moment. And oddly enough this is still Marley's favorite place to be when we are riding in the car. Here is one view of the lil guy stuck between me and the car seat. You might notice that Marley's ear is flipped back. For some reason his ears have trouble laying down, they always want to flip inside out. He was so content that he would lay his head on my shoulder and look out the front window with me.
But what he most liked to do was stare at his daddy, Mr. G, while he was driving. He just doesn't look comfortable to me, but apparently he is because this is his favorite spot. Isn't it funny how dogs have those little cute habits that are totally weird but completely adorable.

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