Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Floor

Our new floors are finally in. We have done all the work to prepare for them. We have been living on sub-floor for months now and we are really excited to see these boxes in our house. As I was bringing in the boxes of our future floor one at a time my mind started drifting. I started to realize just how important these floors will be.
This will be the floor that our children will grow up on. This floor will be there for them through it all. This will be the floor that will hold the car seat that sits a newborn baby. This floor will probably catch the first throw up and probably some other bodily functions. This floor is where our children will learn to crawl and learn to fall and eventually learn to walk. All through out our house we will hear the pitter-patter of little feet coming from this floor. This floor is where children will sleep when they have a sleep over. This floor will hold many board games and will be where many puzzles are put together. This floor will hold many Thanksgiving dinners, birthday parties, Easter egg hunts, and the opening of presents on Christmas morning. It will be where we gather together for our family devotions and where we kneel when we say our prayers at night.
Have I mentioned just how excited I am to be getting this floor put in. I talked to my grandma the other day and she mentioned how much more special the accomplishment of this renovation will be for us because it has taken so much hard work and time. Well, I believe she is right because I know that if we had put the floors in within the first week of renovating I probably wouldn't be making such a big deal of them. This floor will always be special to me.

This is not hardwood and its not laminate. It is actually a new kind of wood that is basically plastic, but feels like authentic wood. It is suppose to hold up better than laminate and wood and shouldn't show scratches. We chose the vintage cherry color and believe that it will look wonderful next to our white trim and freshly painted walls. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Tomorrow we will start installing......OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!! It feels like Christmas in August.

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