Monday, August 16, 2010

Why I love to be an Aunt

You may tell me that there is a cuter picture out there some where, but I wouldn't believe you. These are the cutest smiles in the world and my heart melts every time I see it. These two sweet little girls are two reasons why I LOVE being an aunt.

This is my oldest niece holding Marley. There's that sweet smile again. Today is a very big day for her because she started Kindergarten and I am pretty sure she has been talking about starting Kindergarten since she was 2 years old. I might be exaggerating a bit though.
My oldest brother was telling me the other day how he was playing catch with my niecewhen she got this really concerned look on her face. Then she said, "Daddy, why do they call them 'pop-ups'?"
My brother was a bit confused by her question but he was about to explain how the ball pops up high in the sky and that is why it is called a pop-up. But this sweet lil girl had a different way of thinking about it so before my brother could answer she asked, "Why don't they call them 'mom-ups'?"
Have I said lately how much I LOVE being an aunt.

And this is niece #2 and today is one special day for her because today is her birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet girl.

This lil girl loves animals and loves picking up Mickey as you can see in the picture. She has more stuffed animals than anyone I know and she has a name for each one. I believe her new build-a-bear that Nana got her she named Charlie...but don't be confused because it is a girl. She is growing up so fast. Nana was telling us how before supper the other night Nana said the prayer and she ended it by saying, "In His name we pray, Amen." Well my this sweet lil girl tapped her Nana on the shoulder and said, "Nana, you are suppose to say 'In Jesus Name we pray, Amen."
Have I told you lately how much I enjoy being an aunt.

And here are my two precious girls with my two crazy puppy dogs. I am pretty sure Mickey is looking for a way out and Marley is just enjoying the attention.

And here is reason #3 why I love being an aunt. This is our little nephew that was just born in May. He is much bigger now than he was in this picture. I think this picture was taken about a month ago and since then I am pretty sure he has turned into a linebacker. You might notice the puke that is on Mr. G's shirt...this cute lil guy just wanted to share his lunch with his uncle. Mr. G is so good with kids, I know he is going to make a great father someday.
But have I told you lately just how much I LOVE being an aunt.

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